Sunday, March 17, 2013

Finn's Girlfriends

So Finn has always had a thing for girls. When he was two, he had a crush on Mina, the girl down the street. One day we were visiting and he was smiling at her, unusually shyly, and I smelled something strange. "Finley! You can't come visit your girlfriend and poop in your diaper!" 

Yes, he's five now and still quite the little charmer. Tonight he met a little girl named April at the park and insisted I get her mom's phone number so we could have a playdate. On the way home he started telling me about his teenager girlfriend in New York named April (surprise) who was 12, but on her next birthday she was going to be 14. She was a scorpion make-betterer (doctor) who took care of people when they were stung by scorpions. That's because Finn was stung by a scorpion at the pool last week. 
He went on and on about April then told me he had another girlfriend in California. This one didn't like to talk so she didn't have a mouth. She was a hamster doctor and her name was also April. (He says all of his girlfriends are named April.)

I'm not sure quite what to make of this, but April looked a lot like Mina, blonde with bangs and glasses. I think he has a type. 

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